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HAROLD the Black King of Iceland ~1066- 1087 GODRED Crovan Godred Crovan Haroldson, King of Man, Godred reigned sixteen years, died in the Island of Islay, left three sons. 1. Lagman. 2. Harold. 3. Olave or Olaus, a child at his father’s death and was succeeded by his eldest son. On the other hand his […]

Am Bratach Sith: The Fairy Flag

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There are many stories regarding the origins of this most treasured relic of the clan MacLeod, which can still be seen today in Dun Bheagan (Dunvegan) castle. Legend has it that the flag can only be unfurled 3 times in dire consequences and the clan shall be triumphant. It is widely believed to have been […]

Clan MacLeod

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The MacLeod (in Gaelic MacLeoid) clan can be traced back to Leod Olafson who was born around 1200, the youngest son of Olaf the Black one of the last Norse Kings of Mann and the Isles. Leod inherited the regions of Lewis and Harris along with parts of Skye on his father’s death in 1237. […]

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