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I’ve been using Ubuntu since version 5.04 the second ever release and love it. The version numbering is based on the year and the month so 8.04 is 2008/April (see table) I use it primarily to recycle older PCs usually Pentium III so eye candy and effects provided by Compiz Fusion are not really an […]

Word Clouds Created on Wordle

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There’s a a site called Wordle where you can make some rather interesting word clouds. I made these from my thesis abstract and the the poem the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

The vast majority of WordPress themes available today claim to be valid XHMTL, and indeed I have no reason to disbelieve any author who makes this statement. Problems seem to arise when you have a particular theme + a range of plugins activated and XHTML validity goes out the window. Now this may be caused […]

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Essential web tools

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Lists of resources are great, but often you just don’t get round to putting them together, so it’s even better when you find someone else has put a list of resources together that cover all the stuff you would have. So for a great set of web development tools pop over to Protolize, a site […]

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CSS & PHP Essentials

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This list is by no means extensive, nor is it in any way comprehensive, it is just a selection of sites which I have found usefull, educational or just plain entertaining. There are many many more but these are a good place to start.

web design links

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All of the software mentioned on this page is free to download. HTML Editors: Nvu is a great WYSIWYGHTML editor. In fact its the same editor as in Mozilla, just stand alone with a few enhancements. Mozilla This is effectively Netscape after release to the open source community. it comes with a very good web […]

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Flash image viewer in a flash

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I like Flash, I like what can be achieved in Flash by those who know what they are doing, I’ve tinkered with a few things in Flash but never really had the time to get to grips with it. I tried to get a Flash based image gallery to work but eventually gave up. Now […]

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