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Dangerous Driving !

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I’m thoroughly hacked off by the inconsiderate and down right dangerous standard of driving in this country. I counted ten near misses on my bike in the last two days. Two out of three drivers seem to think passing a cyclist at 50/60 mph within 2 feet is OK and that overtaking on a blind […]

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Cyclists at risk in cycle lanes

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A recent article in Road Cycling UK has just confirmed what I always believed that when you use a cycle lane on a road cars are less likely to pull out to pass you. SOmehow drivers feel the a painted line on the road is enough pretection for cyclists.

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Cycling Tour of Ireland – 1978

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After being at University for a year money was really tight so in 1978 we could only afford a short tour of Ireland. The original plan was to cycle to the ferry at Stranraer but this was going to take too long so we jumped on a train at Perth. We caught the ferry to […]

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Cycling Tour of Europe – 1977

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In 1977 Magnus and I decided to tour Europe. We had left school and needed to find work to finance the trip. We both got jobs at a local meat processing factory (Lawsons of Dyce). It wasn’t the worst job I’ve ever had but it came close. We initially applied for jobs as cleaners, which […]

Second Cycling Tour of Scotland – 1976

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Following our successful tour in 1975 Magnus and I decided to do the same the following year only following a different route. We again planned to stay at SYHA youth hostels which as before we had to pre-book. The route took us from Aberdeen to Braemar, Perth, Edinburgh, Wanlockhead (Scotlands highest village), Ayr, Glasgow, Stirling, […]

First Cycling Tour of Scotland – 1975

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I have been cycling almost as long as I can remember, my first bike was a three wheeler at the age of three or four, I can still picture it. At the age of five I had an accident falling off a neighbours bike whilst messing about and badly grazed my face. As a sort […]

I have been gathering information relating to cycling in Scotland for some time now and I thought it was about time I compiled a list of some of the sites and what they offer. Cycling Scotland: An organisation funded by the Scottish Government to promote bicycle use in Scotland. Cycle Routes – SE Scotland & […]

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Fill that pothole

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As a regular cyclist you have to be very aware of not only the traffic around you but also the condition of the road ahead, an unseen pothole could cause serious damage to your bike or even you. Your local council has a duty to make sure that dangerous potholes and damage to road surfaces […]

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Walking in the rain…with a bike

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I regularly cycle the 8 miles to and from work and enjoy it immensely. The views of the Ochil hills along the A91 more than compensate for the numerous car drivers who appear to think that passing within a couple of feet at 60 mph is OK. Over the last few years I have been […]

Driving Cyclists Off the Road

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The CTC are currently running a campaign to have the proposed re-wording of the Highway code regarding cyclist changed. The most significant change to the Code is to old Rule 47, new Rule 58. Cyclists were previously told to “Use cycle routes when practicable. They can make your journey safer”. In this form, the wording […]

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