Am Bratach Sith: The Fairy Flag

There are many stories regarding the origins of this most treasured relic of the clan MacLeod, which can still be seen today in Dun Bheagan (Dunvegan) castle. Legend has it that the flag can only be unfurled 3 times in dire consequences and the clan shall be triumphant. It is widely believed to have been unfurled only twice but has been carried (furled and cased) on may occasions. Certainly the flag is still regarded by many as a powerful relic, in fact it is said that MacLeod pilots during the second world war carried pictures of the flag as a talisman. Also a fire at Dun Bheagan in 1939 is said to have abated when the flag was removed to safety.The Fairy Versions: Continue reading “Am Bratach Sith: The Fairy Flag”