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Update: Google Play is now available in the UK. Here’s how to use it in Ubuntu. And here’s  a guide to tweaking the desktop app Nuvola. Google Play, formerly Google Music is only available in the US at the moment presumably for licencing reasons. But it is possible to get it outside the US in a variety […]

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I’ve bought downloaded MP3s from Amazon on many occasions but was always annoyed to have to use their downloader so I was interested to find an open source alternative called Clamz in the Ubuntu 10.10 repositories. First install Clamz through Synaptic or sudo apt-get install Clamz if you prefer in a terminal. Next, buy your MP3s […]

The list of the 12 preferred software suppliers to schools in the UK was published today. For the first time ever an open source company, Sirius has been awarded a place on this framework agreement by BECTA. This is a great step forward as it finally gives schools the realistic option of open source software.

Ever since Ubuntu 7.06 I’ve been using it on my companies corporate LAN and managed, after some digging around to get Evolution to connect to MS-Exchange server and manage all my mail, calendar and contacts. I am now using Ubuntu 8.04 and all was well until a couple of days ago, all of a sudden […]

Here are some other useful things you can do with Google that may not be immediately obvious. A Calculator: if you type a calculation in the search box, say (6*8)+5 and hit search Goggle will give you the answer. Exact Phrase: if you want to search an exact phrase then write it between quotes e.g. […]

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Essential Tools, Sofware and Resources

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I’ve been bookmarking sites with lists of essential resources for some time now, some are lists of open source software, others to resources with hosts of information for web designers etc. All of them are useful and help you find resources and software you may not have previously known about. So this is a series […]

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Ubuntu Linux on an Ageing IBM Thinkpad

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A couple of years ago I put Ubuntu 5.04 on my old IBM Thinkpad 390X, it worked sort of OK but the sound was all messed up amongst other things so I gave up and went back to Win 2K. Recently I decided to have another go with Feisty (7.04), I had to use the […]

I have a huge number of cassette tapes which have been languishing in a box unplayed for some time now. I always knew it was possible to digitise these and I had all the tools, but getting round to actually doing it was another matter. This is a simple run down of what I did. […]

Using Ubuntu Linux on a Corporate LAN

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Like so many people I have to use Windows at work because that’s what we’re supplied with and our IT support refuse to support anything other than Windows and MS Office. But like many other people I find Windows a real pain at times and I’d really like to use Ubuntu…but how? Well the answer […]

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Mac PC Linux

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A nice play on the Mac vs PC adds from Novell which adds Linux to the mix. [youtube]WqgQgb3dYXI[/youtube] [youtube]GVOnFdMf0RU[/youtube] [youtube]Pa1RCg-Ccp0[/youtube]

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