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Update: Google Play is now available in the UK. Here’s how to use it in Ubuntu. And here’s  a guide to tweaking the desktop app Nuvola. Google Play, formerly Google Music is only available in the US at the moment presumably for licencing reasons. But it is possible to get it outside the US in a variety […]

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Timeline of Internet Memes

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This site has a rather interesting interactive time line of internet memes, those sometime weird, baffling or just down right silly items that spread throughout the internet and somehow get far more attention than they deserve. This is however a really nice way to display such time lines.

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Ever since Ubuntu 7.06 I’ve been using it on my companies corporate LAN and managed, after some digging around to get Evolution to connect to MS-Exchange server and manage all my mail, calendar and contacts. I am now using Ubuntu 8.04 and all was well until a couple of days ago, all of a sudden […]

Here are some other useful things you can do with Google that may not be immediately obvious. A Calculator: if you type a calculation in the search box, say (6*8)+5 and hit search Goggle will give you the answer. Exact Phrase: if you want to search an exact phrase then write it between quotes e.g. […]

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A recent e-petition on the Prime Ministers web site called for the BBC to make it’s proposed on demand TV service player available to work on any operating system. The BBC had previously suggested that the iPlayer would only be available to Windows users. We wait to see how long this takes. The Petition: “We […]

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Mac PC Linux

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A nice play on the Mac vs PC adds from Novell which adds Linux to the mix. [youtube]WqgQgb3dYXI[/youtube] [youtube]GVOnFdMf0RU[/youtube] [youtube]Pa1RCg-Ccp0[/youtube]

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Ubuntu blows Vista away

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I have got to set this up on my Ubuntu machine as soon as possible, Ubuntu 6.10 with XGL & Kiba-Dock check out the video put together by Rengoku9 [youtube]bYsxaMyFV2Y[/youtube]

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The Bleeding Obvious

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It is extremely easy to patent something in the USA which to most of us is obvious, remember Microsoft trying to patent the double click or BT laying claim to the internet link. Companies spend millions on this every year in an attempt to safeguard future investments or just to be able to extract money […]

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The first ever browser

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You’d expect the worlds first browser to be a rather basic pretty dumb tool, but you’d be wrong this screen shot of the browser designed by Tim Berners-Lee was also an editor and designed to be an interactive tool for the web. Only problem was that it only ran on the NeXTStep operating system. The […]

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