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My WordPress was very screwed up

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been struggling with a series of problems with my WP installations. I have this one on the root of my site and another in a sub directory. This one was WP 2.1 and when I installed the one in the sub directory it was WP 2.2. Not long after […]

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Search Engine Friendly WordPress

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There are many articles out there detailing ways in which to make your WordPress blog search engine friendly, or SEO, many recommend using plugins such as SEO title tag and Google site maps. There is a good article over at Devlounge detailing the main things you need to do to become search engine friendly.

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The vast majority of WordPress themes available today claim to be valid XHMTL, and indeed I have no reason to disbelieve any author who makes this statement. Problems seem to arise when you have a particular theme + a range of plugins activated and XHTML validity goes out the window. Now this may be caused […]

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Free Hosted Blog from Qlue.in

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Qlue.in is a free hosted blogging system which uses WordPress and also has integrated Google AdSense. So not only do you get a free hosted blog but with AdSense you might even make some money on the side. So if you’re want your own blog but didn’t know how, then just create a new blog […]

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WordPress Help

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WordPress Help -Podz @ Tamba2 This is a a handy site dealing with all manner of things related to WordPress. There are quite a few here I hadn’t heard of or tried before. I’m certainly going to try the WordPress on a USB stick method. This could prove very useful for demonstration purposes.

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Kubrick theme headers

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A whole buch of images created to be used as headers in the kubrick theme. Or you could use an image from Flickr as a kubrick header by using kubrickr Or you could modify the header to load a random images of your choosing by :- First add < ?php function header_graphic() { echo "/images/"; […]

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Modifications to Kubrick Theme

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The default them for WP 1.5 is excellent, but I wanted a few things that were not standard. First thing I changed was making the sidebar available on all pages, I know there is now a default_allsidebar theme, but I made the alterations before this was out. I won’t go into detail but in many […]

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