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Cyclists at risk in cycle lanes

18 Sep 2009 In: cycling

A recent article in Road Cycling UK has just confirmed what I always believed that when you use a cycle lane on a road cars are less likely to pull out to pass you. SOmehow drivers feel the a painted line on the road is enough pretection for cyclists.

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Real Age vs. Virtual Age

26 Nov 2008 In: Personal

I did one of these on-line age calculation things today. I don’t really hold much stock in these sort of things normally as there as simply too many variable, hell I might get hit by a bus tomorrow.

In this case though it goes through all the usual medical, hereditary and lifestyle questions that are idicators to eventual possible lifespan, so I was pleasantly surprised by my results.

Yes I know this means nothing really but when you’re told you’re 13 years younger than you real age and you could live till almost 90 it’s a bit of a boost.

The list of the 12 preferred software suppliers to schools in the UK was published today. For the first time ever an open source company, Sirius has been awarded a place on this framework agreement by BECTA. This is a great step forward as it finally gives schools the realistic option of open source software.

Weird Cloud

12 Sep 2008 In: photography
sunset cloud

sunset cloud

Took this photograph last week of very large cloud over my village at sunset. I only had my phone camera, hence the poor quality but an interesting sight nevertheless.

For some time now I have been running exclusively in Ubuntu on my corporate LAN with very few problems. Initially I used Evolution as my mail client as it could directly link up to MS-Exchange server so I got all my mail, global address book and calendar. But when my company updated to MS-Exchange server 2007 Evolution was no longer able to do this so I went over to Thunderbird. This was fine as far as mail and contacts were concerned but I could not get the Lightening calendar addon to synchronise with Outlook. I tried the method suggested by Ryan Hadley but I just couldn’t get it, so I gave up on Outlook altogether and just used Thunderbird/Lightening. Then I read over at Lifehacker about synchronising any desktop calendar with Google Calendar. I followed the very clear instructions and in seconds I had my desktop calendar sychronising with my Google Calendar. This was great as I could now access all my events etc. from any PC, but it got me thinking of synchronising with Outlook again so I had another crack at it, but with no luck. It then it dawned on me after looking at the image above from the Lifehacker article If I synchronised Thunderbird with Google and Outlook with Google then in effect all three would be the synchronised, obvious really.

Timeline of Internet Memes

14 Aug 2008 In: Technology
internet memes

internet memes

This site has a rather interesting interactive time line of internet memes, those sometime weird, baffling or just down right silly items that spread throughout the internet and somehow get far more attention than they deserve. This is however a really nice way to display such time lines.

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