Firefox and Thunderbird

I’ve just completed upgrading all my machines, both at home and at work to the latest versions of Firefox and Thunderbird. I’ve been using them both for quite some time now and I’m really impressed. I also decided to try out some of the extensions and themes available. One Firefox extension I’ve used for ages now is Web Developer by Chris Pederick. This is a must have for any developer or site designer. I also tried out Sage by Peter Andrews. This allows you to read RSS feeds in you browser with navigation in a I was using the excellentSharp Reader but Sage means I can read my RSS feeds without having to load another software package. Other Firefox extension worth noting are a couple of bookmak utilities, bookmark synchroniser which allows you to synch your bookmarks with an xml file on your ftp server. The other, Sort Bookmarks, simply organises your bookmarks in alphabetical order..which is nice 🙂 The only extension I’ve installed in TB so far is Contacts sidebar which lets you see you contacts in…well..a side bar.

On both TB and FF the theme I like at the moment is Noia extreme 2.0 Very nice indeed.

noia theme