Firefox Tweeks

There are a number of things you can type in the location bar in Firefox to get more info and tweek a few things.

about: shows version number etc.

about:config Configuration Console.

about:cache summary of memory and file cache.

about:buildconfig compiler options used to create your version of Firefox.

about: plugins installed add-ons.

about:credits names of developers and testers who worked on the product.

In the configuration console there loads of settings to tweek but some of the most useful are: –

  • Fix a memory leak in Firefox 1.0: type about:config in address bar and hit enter. Right click anywhere on the list and select New, Integer then paste “browser.cache.memory.capacity” (without quotes) into dialogue box, then “16000” ie 16Mb into next dialogue box.
  • Speed up maximizing of Firefox: Create a new, Boolean value in about:config. Paste “config.trim_on_minimize” into the dialog box, click OK and change the choice to false.

There are also versions of Firefox and Thunderbird optimised for various CPU platforms at Moox There is also a useful article on getting the most out of Firefox