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links for 2009-11-02

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De Web Times – Sharing Useful Resources. » Blog Archive » 25 Incredibly Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets & Checklists (tags: wordpress hacks tips WP blogs) From to WordPress: How to automatically post daily links at theory.isthereason (tags: blogs blogging hacks delicious wordpress)

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Real Age vs. Virtual Age

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I did one of these on-line age calculation things today. I don’t really hold much stock in these sort of things normally as there as simply too many variable, hell I might get hit by a bus tomorrow. In this case though it goes through all the usual medical, hereditary and lifestyle questions that are […]

Politicians break the law they made

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In August 2005 it became illegal to demonstrate in and around Parliament Square without prior police permission under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA). So far Maya Evans has been prosecuted and a number of others have been threatened with legal action. The law states that it only takes one person to constitute […]

Here are some other useful things you can do with Google that may not be immediately obvious. A Calculator: if you type a calculation in the search box, say (6*8)+5 and hit search Goggle will give you the answer. Exact Phrase: if you want to search an exact phrase then write it between quotes e.g. […]

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Red Dear Close-up

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On a recent trip over to the Isle of Skye we stopped off at a car park on the A82 where we often stop to take in the view and stretch our legs, only this time there were a couple of red dear quietly grazing right on the edge of the car park. I’ve walked […]

Essential Tools, Sofware and Resources

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I’ve been bookmarking sites with lists of essential resources for some time now, some are lists of open source software, others to resources with hosts of information for web designers etc. All of them are useful and help you find resources and software you may not have previously known about. So this is a series […]

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I have a huge number of cassette tapes which have been languishing in a box unplayed for some time now. I always knew it was possible to digitise these and I had all the tools, but getting round to actually doing it was another matter. This is a simple run down of what I did. […]

Wickerman Festival

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Just back from the Wickerman Festival, a sort of laid back early Glastonbury, less commercial sort of affair. There were no real big names playing unless you count the Fun Lovin’ Criminals (who we missed) and the Proclaimers (who sadly we didn’t miss) and the Orb. The highlights for me were the Peat Bog Faeries […]

Shins gig

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Got tickets for the Shins gig in Glasgow on Sunday, they were sold out when I found out about the gig but I managed to get a pair on Ebay, paid a bit over the face value but not much. For some reason the venue has been chaged from the ABC to the Barrowlands, I’ve […]

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Not moving to the isles :-(

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Well we finally received notification from the National Trust for Scotland that our application to live on the Isle of Canna was not successful. Apparently they received over 500 applications from the UK, Europe and from as far away as Australia. I will be interested to see who is finally chosen though.

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