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Island living…Well maybe.

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Some time last year we heard that the National Trust for Scotland were looking for families to live on Fair Isle, one of the islands owned and managed by NTS. We thought about it long and hard but in the end decided Fair Isle was perhaps a little too remote, even for us. Since then […]

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New Browser on the Block…Flock

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I started using a new browser called Flock which integrates a few nice features like drag and drop images on your Flickr or PhotoBucket accounts, search results as you type, a news reader, a blog editor and the ability to synchronise and share your favourites. You can of course already do all of these things […]

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Wireless Lan

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We’ve had broadband for just over a year now and recently we were upgraded to 8Mbs download speed, it averages at about 7.6 Mbs which isn’t bad. There was always a queue for the PC which was our only connected computer, either my wife shopping on Ebay, my daughter playing games or me just wanting […]

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We’ve wanted to go to the Traquair Fair for quite a while but something else always cropped up. This year though I thought we’d cracked it, we got tickets well in advance, we had a new (second hand) car, and were all set to go. Then on the day we planned to leave the car […]

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Walking in the rain…with a bike

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I regularly cycle the 8 miles to and from work and enjoy it immensely. The views of the Ochil hills along the A91 more than compensate for the numerous car drivers who appear to think that passing within a couple of feet at 60 mph is OK. Over the last few years I have been […]

Run Pre-Built Virtual Machines on Your PC

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Using the free VMPlayer you can run a virtual environment on your PC. There are of course other virtual PC systems but the great thing about this one is you can download pre-built systems and run them right away. Very Cool.

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Read Books for Free Using Google

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Steve Rubel explains on his blog how to access and read some books on-line using a using Google Book Search. he deatils how to read O’Reilly’s Hacks Books, but it does work for many others.

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JCB music video

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This video is from the band Nizlopi, nice to think of this next time you’re stuck in traffic behind a JCB rather than getting stressed.

Icon Wars

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Ever wondered what your icons got up to when you’re not looking.

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Our daughter is missing!

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It was one of those times you hear about on the news, but you never really think it’ll happen to you. Our daughter, who is 13 missed the school bus this morning and had to catch the regular bus from our village to her school in the next village along, a journey of about 2.5 […]

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