Park it here !

I cycle to work most days and the road just outside my work has a very steep long bend with no reduced speed limit. Many cars don’t make it……
car in a field
Due either to drivers not knowing the road and being taken by surprise or simply thinking they can make it at higher speed because it’s late at night and quiet. The fact remains however that speed is the main reason, people simply drive too fast on this tricky bit of road. In the last 7 years I have seen 5 or 6 accidents, once I cycled up the hill to find a car on it’s roof wheels still spinning on my side of the road, if I’d been only a minute or so earlier…who knows? I’m surprised there hasn’t been a fatality yet (as far as I know). Along the edge for part of the bend there is a crash barrier in very poor condition and rarely stands up to collisions. In fact a car hit it last week and the bent it right across the foot path totally blocking it. The road runs at the bottom of the famous Wallace monument in Stirling and tourists regularly walk along here to and from the nearest campsite and B&Bs. The foot path has been blocked for nearly 2 weeks now and the car has been in the field for 2 days.