The Bleeding Obvious

It is extremely easy to patent something in the USA which to most of us is obvious, remember Microsoft trying to patent the double click or BT laying claim to the internet link. Companies spend millions on this every year in an attempt to safeguard future investments or just to be able to extract money from companies or individuals for infringement. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is trying to get the US supreme court to change the law to make it easier to scrap patents that are clearly obvious by having additional evidence such a blogs and other media. With this in mind a blogger has set up a Wiki for people to post their obvious ideas thereby hopefully preventing some multinational money grabbing organisation from cashing in on it. If you have an obvious idea then post it here.

The first ever browser

You’d expect the worlds first browser to be a rather basic pretty dumb tool, but you’d be wrong this NeXT browserscreen shot of the browser designed by Tim Berners-Lee was also an editor and designed to be an interactive tool for the web. Only problem was that it only ran on the NeXTStep operating system. The level of intercativety on the web is only now coming close to the original ideas of the inventor with blogs, wikis etc.

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