Firefox Zoooooom!

Firefox is, as far as I’m concerned the only browser you need these days and I’m still finding new stuff out about it. For example, today I happened to have my finger on the ctrl key when I moved my scroll wheel on the mouse. I was surprised to see the web page I was looking at immediately zoom in and out depending on which direction I moved the wheel. I haven’t seen this documented anywhere but I thought it was a pretty useful feature and worth noting here.

Asthma is a pain in the ***

I have been a lifelong asthma sufferer and recently was admitted to hospital with an acute attack. To say this is distressing is an understatement, as an adult I can now rationalise what is happening to my body but but I do remember as a child being absolutely terrified. This recent incident took 45 minutes to atabalise me with continuous salbutamol/oxygen, oral steriods, IV steroids and a 250 ml infusion of Magnesium Sulphate which was a new treatment to me. I ended up spending 3 days in hospital and left still on medication. Whilst in the midst of an attack all sorts of thoughts go through your head, primarily

“relax…keep breathing…it’ll pass”,

but you also find yourself thinking

“well, is this how it’s going to end for me….gasping for air like some fish out of water? “.

Rather morbid, but there you go. I would not wish asthma on my worst enemy but I also don’t think non sufferers can really understand the fear in a full blown acute attack.

Firefox Tweeks

There are a number of things you can type in the location bar in Firefox to get more info and tweek a few things.

about: shows version number etc.

about:config Configuration Console.

about:cache summary of memory and file cache.

about:buildconfig compiler options used to create your version of Firefox.

about: plugins installed add-ons.

about:credits names of developers and testers who worked on the product.

In the configuration console there loads of settings to tweek but some of the most useful are: –

  • Fix a memory leak in Firefox 1.0: type about:config in address bar and hit enter. Right click anywhere on the list and select New, Integer then paste “browser.cache.memory.capacity” (without quotes) into dialogue box, then “16000” ie 16Mb into next dialogue box.
  • Speed up maximizing of Firefox: Create a new, Boolean value in about:config. Paste “config.trim_on_minimize” into the dialog box, click OK and change the choice to false.

There are also versions of Firefox and Thunderbird optimised for various CPU platforms at Moox There is also a useful article on getting the most out of Firefox

ClacksNet Chairperson??

Around this time last year I came across a web site, ClacksNet looking for volunteers. ClacksNet is a local charity with the aim of helping local community groups get online and to be able to design and maintain their own web sites. I went along to the AGM in 2003 and signed up. I thought I’d learn a few things myself whilst helping others. Little did I know that by the 2004 AGM the chairperson and founder, along with another long standing member were going to resign, and that I’d be elected chairperson. The aims of ClacksNet are to promote local community use of the Internet, and to provide assistance for community groups to get on-line and have a web presence. I hope I can follow the example of the previous chairperson and help Clacksnet go from strength to strength.

SQL Oracle Database design

Although my first degrees are in chemistry I’ve been getting heavily into computing for a few years now, so I took advantage of working at a university to do a part time degree in computing science. It’s pretty good actually as the university pays. I am only allowed to take one unit per semester usually on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening. It’s a bit intense at times juggling a full time job and a degree but I enjoy it. This semester there wasn’t an evening unit available so I enrolled on a daytime unit ‘Database Principles and Applications’. Each unit normally has two assignments and an exam, the first assignment wasn’t too bad, I had to take a description of a bookshop, translate it into an ER diagram then generate a series of relations from the diagram. But, the second assignment was a killer for me, I really though it was going to be the first assignment I wasn’t able to hand in. The task was to decompose a relation in 1NF into a set of relations in 3NF then design some queeries. In the end I think I was reading more complexity into the task than was actually there so I really struggled. Once I’d got over the first part it all seemed a bit clearer. Unfortunataly the deadline was 17:00 on Fri 19th and things only started clarity only occured around 15:00 so I was franticaly trying to get the SQL statements to work and write a report for the dealine. In the end I didn’t quite finish but I managed most of it and hopefully have done enough to pass. In hindsight I should have started earlier but, I’ve always been like that, never starting things early enough and just making the deadline, suppose it’s too late to change at the age of 45. Ho Hum!

Firefox and Thunderbird

Just finished upgrading all my machines to Firefox 1.o and Thunderbird 0.9. The long awaited release of Firefox 1.0 was well worth the wait. Previous releases had not been the easiest to ugrade to and on one occassion I lost my profile and had to start from scratch. But the upgrade to v 1.0 went like a dream. Not only was it fast and efficient it checked all my plugins, extensions and themes for compatabiity and checked for upgrades.

Thunderbird is a great email client that just gets better all the time and v 0.9 is no exception. There’s no doubt about it thse Mozilla products blow MS away.

DaDaBIK ???? |\.-./|

At work I had been planning transferring my databases from MS Access to MySQL for some time and once the server had PHP and MySQL I moved from Access to MySQL. Now I needed a PHP front end to view and query the databases. I started pulling together some PHP scripts which partially did what I wanted but were proving difficult to mould to my needs. Then I found a fantastic free open source package called DaDaBik . As their web site states:

“DaDaBIK is a free PHP application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable front-end for a MySQL database in order to search, insert, update and delete records; all you need do is specify a few configuration parameters.”

I tested the system thoroughly and read as much as I could about DaDaBik before I deployed it. When I finally did I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and speed with which I got everything working they way I wanted. This is one of the most impressive pieces of software I’ve come across and can only thank the author, Eugenio Tacchini for a great product.


I recently managed to get the server for my work web site upgraded to handle PHP and MySQL. I am used to MS Access databases and so MySQL was quite new to me and I found the administration of the database through MyPhpAdmin quite foreign. I searched for some free MySQL admin tools and found a great one in MySQL-Front This gives a much more familiar front to the database. I also had the problem of having a number of MS Access databases which I needed to convert to MySQL, I did this by using the MyODBC driver for Access, but on a few occasions this process caused MS Access to crash. So I searched again for an easier way to do this and came across another MySQL administrator called Navicat although this is not free ($95) it does look great. As well as being a front end to MySQL database it can also import MS Access databases, so all the functions I need in one tool.

First cycling crash in ages

Crashed my bike this morning, as usual with these things it was all very avoidable but nevertheless inevitable. I cycle along the busy A91 to work each day, which in itself is quite hazardous, but the accident happened in a much safer place. I had arrived at work at the University of Stirling and was cycling through the campus talking to a colleague. I said goodbye and cycled off only to hit a patch of wet grass cuttings on the road with my front wheel and over I went. I grazed my hand, bashed my knee and now I have a bruise developing on my left shoulder. Thankfully my bike appears undamaged.
Like many tumbles of this nature there was a large audience of people arriving for work and i did feel a bit of a twit…..Ho Hum.