Is Firefox still safer than Internet Explorer?

In a recent article Brian Livingston, the editor at in my opinion concluded a very convincing …Yes. In the article he details the number of security holes in each browser and the time they were left unpatched. There are some pretty convincing statistics from Scanit NV, an international security company.

IE suffered from unpatched security holes for 359 days in 2004

Attacks on IE weaknesses circulated “in the wild” for 200 of those days

Mozilla and Firefox patched all vulnerabilities before hacker code circulated

Whilst no one would suggest that Firefox is bug and security hole free it’s clear that whilst Firefox security holes are generally fixed within days in Internet Expolorer these fixes can take weeks and leave users vulnerable for much longer.


Like many people I have been taking multiple photographs for years. In the old days it was a case of trying to line up the prints and sticking them together to get a panorama. Sometimes this worked OK but mostly it was clumsy. Today with digital cameras the whole thing is very simple now and there are a buch of ways to stitch images together. One of the best image ‘stichers’ I’ve come across is autoStich. This is a very simple, easy to use free program and more importantly, it works. In fact I had a set of images from the Isle of Skye I’d been unable to stitch, but autostitch managed it in seconds. But how do you display a panoramic image in a blog? There are a number of ways you could do this. You could for instance use zoomify and I’ve uploaded a small test image. Or, you could use a java applet to pan the image in a small window such as PTViewer3.1.2 by Helmut Dersch. Below is an example of a great WP plugin from skriker which uses the PTViewer applet. This is extremely easy to implement in a few seconds, and is easy to customise. on the Ochils above Tillicoultry