Like many people I have been taking multiple photographs for years. In the old days it was a case of trying to line up the prints and sticking them together to get a panorama. Sometimes this worked OK but mostly it was clumsy. Today with digital cameras the whole thing is very simple now and there are a buch of ways to stitch images together. One of the best image ‘stichers’ I’ve come across is autoStich. This is a very simple, easy to use free program and more importantly, it works. In fact I had a set of images from the Isle of Skye I’d been unable to stitch, but autostitch managed it in seconds. But how do you display a panoramic image in a blog? There are a number of ways you could do this. You could for instance use zoomify and I’ve uploaded a small test image. Or, you could use a java applet to pan the image in a small window such as PTViewer3.1.2 by Helmut Dersch. Below is an example of a great WP plugin from skriker which uses the PTViewer applet. This is extremely easy to implement in a few seconds, and is easy to customise. on the Ochils above Tillicoultry