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Weird Cloud

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Took this photograph last week of very large cloud over my village at sunset. I only had my phone camera, hence the poor quality but an interesting sight nevertheless.

Geotag Flickr Photos

In: photography, Software

I’ve been playing around wth the geo tagging tool on Flickr which lets you drag an image onto a map and tag it with its geographical location. It uses Yahoo maps which seem to have much less detail than Google maps, certainly as far as Scotland is concerned. If you take these two views of […]

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Flash image viewer in a flash

In: CSS & Design, photography

I like Flash, I like what can be achieved in Flash by those who know what they are doing, I’ve tinkered with a few things in Flash but never really had the time to get to grips with it. I tried to get a Flash based image gallery to work but eventually gave up. Now […]

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Airthrey Castle 360

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In: photography

Like many people I have been taking multiple photographs for years. In the old days it was a case of trying to line up the prints and sticking them together to get a panorama. Sometimes this worked OK but mostly it was clumsy. Today with digital cameras the whole thing is very simple now and […]

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Beautiful aerial photography

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Came across these fantastic aeriel photographs. I think this is a Korean site, although the photographs seem to be from many countries. There are a couple from the UK, Stonehenge and the white horse at Uffington. There doesn’t seem to be any reference to the origin of these images on this site but I managed […]

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Misty morning, afternoon and evening

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It’s been very foggy here all day today but this means lots of interesting photographs if you’re quick. Take this one of the Wallace monument peaking out of the mist at around 15:00

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