Playing with Linux

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with a few versions of Linux. So far I’ve tried SuSE, Novell SuSE, Debian and Ubuntu. I’ve been very impressed with all of them and I’m still using Ubuntu. Some of them are easier to set up than others and some, like Ubuntu had no problem at all in connecting my work network. Today though I changed monitors and booted Ubuntu only to get this message ..very helpful ! I realised this was something to do with the monitor refresh rate so I connected up the original, only to get a refresh rate message on the login screen just before the screen went blank and I had to type username and password blind, but the system did come back. I then ‘live’ swapped the monitors and the new one worked fine…but on reboot “out of range” again, so I’m back with the old monitor. I can’t see any way to get round this short of re-installing Ubuntu, but I’ll keep looking.

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