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This is based on a tutorial from the University of Southampton (YouTube) To enable eduroam Open a terminal and type; sudo leafpad /etc/network/interfaces   This will open the interfaces file in leafpad, edit this file to look something like below where we have set wlan0 to use wpa_supplicant   # interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) […]

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Setting up SSH and VNC on a Raspberry pi 3

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This is based on my experience with a Raspberry pi 3 running Raspbian Jessie. Setup SSH   In Raspbian Jessie ssh may already be enabled by default but if not open a terminal and type sudo raspi-config select 7 Advanced Options select A4 SSH You’ll be asked if you want enable SSH Select Yes. To […]

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I, like many people have the basic free version of Dropbox which provides a very useful 2Gb of cloud storage but with a few clicks you can increase this to 2.7Gb. Read the Lifehacker posts here and here. Recently the Dropbox team launched a scavenger hunt offering up to an additional 1Gb storage for free […]

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links for 2009-11-30

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15 Best Places for Designers to Get Free Stock Photos Online (tags: free photos stock images photography webdesign resources)

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links for 2009-11-25

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About The Periodic Table of Videos – University of Nottingham (tags: period table of elements chemistry)

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links for 2009-11-20

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The Free Information Society – Educating and Entertaining since 2003 (tags: free science media education research reference information) :: Oscar Celma :: (tags: music spotify albums)

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links for 2009-11-17

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Guide to Using The GIMP v.2 (tags: GIMP images graphics tutorials howto reference)

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links for 2009-11-11

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UbuntuInstallation – winff – Ubuntu style installation – Project Hosting on Google Code (tags: tools free linux video converter winff ffmpeg gui) HandBrake (tags: tools software linux utilities video converter movie) gitso – Project Hosting on Google Code (tags: linux tools windows online network sysadmin support useful)

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links for 2009-11-09

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Color Scheme Designer 3 (tags: design webdesign tools generator graphics colors scheme) Bespin » Code in the Cloud (tags: editor mozilla web firefox online programming tools)

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links for 2009-11-05

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Music – Musical Temperaments and Ratios – Phonature Technology (tags: music guitar chords technology)

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